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First and foremost, the Affenpinscher love to be with you. Even when playing with each other, they will always come and find you to see what is happening…and for a quick cuddle.

The breed is always busy with something, beit ensuring that the home is safe from would be intruders, checking to see where they left their toys, finding out what the cats are doing or playing with anyone who will play.

Grooming is an easy task with a weekly comb through to remove any matts and a good brush to move around the oils in the coat. This isn’t hard work and is a relaxing time for both of you. It is really important that you start your grooming routine from the very day your Affenpinscher puppy comes home so that he will know what is expected of him.

The Affenpinscher really try to do the right thing so it is up to you to show him what you want from him and once he knows, he will do his best to get it right.

Many new owners make the mistake of treating their gorgeous new puppies as children. Be warned. This will only end in a dog with awful manners who thinks it owns everything and an unhappy family not sure what went wrong.

Your Affenpinscher might be little, he is certainly cute, but he is a dog and should be treated like one. Sleeping in the bed with you is a big no from day one; eating out of a plate with good quality raw food is a must; taking the bones from them so they know you are the alpha in the pack, praised and bones given back so they know you are a fair alpha and will share your food with them; being taken for walks on lead so they stay fit and healthy and of course, lots of cuddles when you are ready for them not when your puppy demands them.

These are all little things, however are so important to the wellbeing of your dog and you and your family.

Affenpinschers have a brain and need to use it, so give him lots of challenges – hide his toys and let him find them; make him sit and wait for his food; take him to obedience classes so you both know what to do and love him as much as he loves you.

Affenpinschers are a joy to own and make everyday just that little bit brighter.


Affenpinscher Breed Information


This gorgeous dog is believed to have originated in Germany. Its name, Affenpinscher, translates as “Monkey Terrier” which describes this little dog very well. In the farmlands of Germany they survived by hunting rats and mice and so protected the farmers’ supply of winter food. The two World Wars nearly wiped out the breed, but thanks to some dedicated people it is thriving again.


When considering bringing a dog home, you need to realise that you are taking it on for its lifetime and an Affenpinscher can live up to 14 years of age.


24cm to 28cm

3kg to 4kg


The Affenpinscher is a quaint, comical dog that loves company, and loves to show off to their owners. They are eager to please, usually quiet and they will only bark if something unusual is happening within its territory. They are not really happy in a kennel, but will adapt.


These happy dogs will mix with almost any other pets in the household, especially when they are raised together from and early age.


The Affenpinscher needs little grooming, just a weekly comb or brush and a bath occasionally. You will need to trim the hair around its feet and keep its toe-nails trimmed, but they do prefer the scruffy look – this helps with the hair around the face hence the popular name “Monkey Dog”.


Ideal owners are people who have small back yards and are willing to take them for walks. Once you have an Affenpinscher, it will finish up “owning you” and not the other way around.


For those people who do not have a lot of room, but still want to have a dog of their own that they can love then this smart little animal is well worth considering